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Online dating platforms have largely contributed to the increase in “hook-up” culture which has always existed in some form however, never as prevalent as we see in society right now. There are several types of people who use online dating platforms and all of them have different motivations for being online. These motivations and intentions may not always align with the expectation or purpose of why you sign up initially. That’s why it’s important for you to understand what it means to have realistic expectations when it comes to the world of online dating and online dating platforms.

Every dating platform that you come across will eb different which means that your expectations should change also. For example, some dating platforms are catered towards a higher-class audience whereas others are designed to be accessible by anyone with a web browser. Besides the design of the actually dating platform itself, there are also a lot of things on the part of the individual that must be worked on in order to ensure that you’re not expecting too much from the people you meet online.

Being reasonable about what to expect from people you meet online

When meeting people online, all you really have to go by is whatever information they list on their profile. Because of this, it’s important for you to go into the situation with reasonable expectations about what you should expect from those who you may meet online. It can be easy for you to become eager to want to meet people which can lead to your prematurely exposing pieces of information about your personal life that don’t really need to be public.

By having unreasonable expectations when using an online dating platform, you will expose yourself to disappointments on a consistent basis. You have to remember, although it may seem like you know someone well based on the information they’ve filled out on their profile, the fact still remains that everyone you meet online is a stranger.

Keep in mind, not every person that you meet or interact with online will be soulmate potential nonetheless someone who is meant to be an important role in your life permanently. By looking at all of your prospective interests in an equal manner, you will be able to start small and let the relationship grow naturally to weed out any interests that simply don’t meet your core values or interests.

Online dating apps are not matchmaker services, so get rid of the assumption that everyone you meet is of quality standards by simply being on the platform. There are a lot of negative side effects for having unreasonable expectations about online dating platforms such as:

  • Increase in being judgmental towards others
  • Non-existent feelings of rejection
  • False sense of expectations for dating prospects in the real-world
  • And many more

Molding your expectations of online dating platforms

The best way to avoid feelings of rejection and depression due to unreasonable expectations is by molding your perception of what you should expect while trying to find a partner online. To begin, you first need to define exactly what you’re looking for out of your online dating adventures. By setting a clear list of goals as they relate to what you expect to gain from each interaction, you will be able to avoid feeling like you’ll never find the right one because you will be viewing everything through a logical perspective.

You shouldn’t expect to meet-up with everyone you interact with online, this is one of the best ways to ensure that you maintain a healthy relationship with online dating platforms.

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